The idea behind the series of experimental exhibitions is to explore the “forces” that shape a visual space, the “elements” that compose it, and the limits of their situations. Visual creation occurs on the domain where “symbolic” encounters pre-language; aesthetic interacts with social; “visible” engages with a viewer. What are the requirements for the emergence of artwork? How are real and imaginary separated? How about emptiness and object? Or imprint and image? Is it possible for the image to exist in the works of non-objective art, when the image can only manifest in its pre-linguistic form? Non-objective art, with its hundred-year history and its modern forms such as “reductive art” and “post-formalism”, has evolved into a visual language with a variety of artistic forms, in which the image and its role are questioned, as well as all other aspects of visuality.

The project had been realized during 2018 as the series of experimental exhibitions, which will feature works of Ukrainian and International artists. 

Curated by Serhiy Popov [UA]

 Curated by Peter Holm [DK]

Curated by Billy Gruner [AU]

Curated by Roland Orépük [FR]

Curated by Olga Ząbroń, Michał Misiak [PL]

Curated by Serhiy Popov [UA]

Curated by Tiberiy Silvashi, Alexey Buistov [UA]

 Curated by Tiberiy Silvashi [UA]

Curated by Guido Winkler and Iemke van Dijk [NL]