icons \ reductive icons

Matt Feyld (CA), Beverly Rautenberg (US), Ivo Ringe (DE), Shawn Stipling (UK), Dolf Verlinden (NL).

Curated by Roland Orépük (FR).

“ In his text, "From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism: The New Painterly Realism", which was printed during the "0.10" exhibition at St Petersburg in 1915, Malevich asserts the primacy of a new way of thinking in painting, conveyed by non-objective designs free from any representational or symbolic references.

This Cultural Revolution did not get widespread acceptance in Western Europe where formalism was more relevant with De Stijl and all the other geometrical or constructivist artistic trends. We have had to wait until the 1960s' with the minimalist movement in the USA, to see the return of Malevich's ideas in the visual arts debate, aiming at simplicity and an uncluttered style.

The "ICON/ Reductive Icons" Exhibition conveys the idea that Kazimir Malevich's mythical and mystical "black square" is the genesis of what contemporary art will become. “

Roland Orepuk.

Grenoble. 2018.

Partners: Mikhail Bulgakov Museum.

Media partners: In Kyiv

Mikhail Bulgakov museum

Andreevskiy Descent, 13

Kiev, Ukraine.

Opening June 22th, 7-9 pm.

On view through July 20th.

Open hours: 10am–6pm.

Closed - Wednesdays.

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Exhibition views.

All photos ©KNO

Ivo Ringe (DE), Dolf Verlinden (NL)

Ivo Ringe (DE)

Untitled, 2018.

Acrylic on canvas, 24x30cm.

Dolf Verlinden (NL)

Architecture, 2018.

Triptych (3x), cutouts of canvas, oil and acrylic, 60 x 46 cm.

United, 2018.

Oil on canvas, 3 sticks, 44 x 32 cm.

Matt Feyld (CA), Shawn Stipling (UK)

Matt Feyld (CA)

Untitled, 2016-2018

Acrylic, pigments and modeling paste on canvas over panel, 30,48 x 30,48 cm.

Shawn Stipling (UK)

152, Varying Ideas of Almost, 2015. Acrylic and gesso on board, 32 x 48 cm.

198, 2018. Acrylic and gesso on board, 32 x 22 cm.

199, 2018. Acrylic and gesso on board, 28 x 21 cm.

200, Varying Ideas of Almost, 2018. Acrylic and gesso on board, 24 x 38 cm.

Beverly Rautenberg (US)

“BLUE [ Space Between…2,4,6 ]. (Homage to Judd) “. 2018.

Enamel on archival board and aluminum, mounted on custom wood panels. 14 x 14 cm.